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to be a TEDxMemphis speaker

Before you apply...

Share Your Idea

TEDxMemphis strives to program a conference each year with talks that represent the most innovative ideas coming out of Memphis. We want our next conference to be full of engaging, dynamic, thought-provoking TED talks. Whether a simple idea or a complex issue, great TED talks start conversations. When people describe TED Talks you’ll hear words like “surprising,” “inspirational,” “provocative,” or “illuminating.” Thank you for your interest in being a part!


TED Talks are required to be shorter than 18 minutes, and we hope to have Talks of varying lengths, tones, and topics. Some of the most compelling TED Talks are just a few minutes long while driving interest and engagement from the audience. 

Official TEDx Resources (these will be helpful to review before applying!) 


Before Public Speaking

To better understand how we think about ideas, please watch Chris Anderson’s video (below). Getting ready to speak at TED or a TEDx event? Check out the full playlist to help get you prepared.​

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