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Conference Schedule

Ready to mix it up? At TEDxMemphis, we invite you to turn up the volume on the big ideas of the Mid-South at this 901-of-a-kind experienced on Saturday, September 28, 2024!

With its variety of tracks, diverse experiences, the element of surprise, and the opportunity to curate and personalize, a mixtape is designed to spark connection through a shared experience: to move and be moved. How will these ideas strike a chord? Join us to hear their debut (trust us, you'll want an encore!).

Memphis is a vibrant city teeming with innovators, visionaries, and changemakers, and TEDxMemphis: The miXtape will bring these voices together to share big ideas with the community on the TEDx stage.
Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the movers, shakers, and momentum-makers that are shaping our community for the better. 

2024 speakers' talks will range from the nuances of belonging and beverages to the embracing empathy and emotional intelligence, and attendees will emerge from the auditorium energized to activate and celebrate our city

2024 Conference Details

Stay tuned for ticket and speaker details being unveiled soon!

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